Venus Transit - <i>June, 2012</i> M15 - <i>12-inch LX90, Canon EOS20D</i> Observatory open Meade 8-inch LX200 M42 - <i>The Great Orion Nebula</i> The Dumbbell Nebula

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Invaluable Resources
I use this site most observing sessions. Live views/emphemeris of solar system bodies, comets, asteroids, etc.

Friends with Telescopes
A project of - view photos and get observing and photography tips. Soon, you will be able to have your own personal astronomy site and calendar here.

Heavens Above
Track the International Space Station, satellites and iridium flares.

DSO Browser
Deep Sky Object browser - an invaluable resource.

Digitized Sky Survey
See something you can't identify? Input the coordinates here.

Astronomy Now Almanac
Get planetary rise and transit, Jovian phenomenon, etc. for your time and location.

Cloudy Nights
Astronomy enthusiasts collaborate, share, buy and sell.

Other sites we like
Olympic Astronomical Society
Drift Alignment Procedures
Jan's LX90 Site
Arkansas Sky Observatories
Caldwell Catalog
Deep Sky Catalogs
Messier Catalog
Drift aligning

I have some acreage, an observatory, a telescope and a little bit of equipment. Nothing fancy - the observatory is little more than a modified outbuilding and I don't have the fanciest equipment and the most updated gee-whiz software applications. But I do okay with what I have, and so can you. This site is not geared toward the professional astronomer; it's geared toward people like you and me who peer into the skies from our back yards and suburban rooftops. Please participate in the blog and share your knowledge and questions with the rest of us.
Be sure to visit our new, interacting Friends With Telescopes web site. Register for a free account and upload astro images, join discussions in the forums, and help build this all-new, unique community!

Image of dirty corrector plate Illustrated Maintenance Procedures:
There's a lot more to astronomy/astrophotography than owning some nice equipment and knowing your way around the night sky. It's important to keep your gear ready to go on a moment's notice and at peak performance. Here are some illustrated maintenance/upgrade procedures:

    SCT Corrector plate cleaning
    Installing Peterson's EZ Clutch Kit (LX90)
    Using the Hotech Advanced Laser Collimator system


Total lunar eclipses are rare. Eclipses you can actually see from the Seattle area are even rarer. It was an amazing morning - temperatures right at freezing and only an occasional high cloud to block the view. View my images.

In late January, 2014, a supernova flared to life in M82, the Cigar Galaxy, exciting amateur astronomers worldwide. View my images.

On June 5, 2012, Venus moved across the face of the sun - for the last time in our lifetimes. View my Venus transit images.


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